Accepting the fact you don't own a nine to five like most of those around you is really challenging. When you figure out how to be yourself it's an incredibly liberating time to go through life, you don't develop an identity that is somehow predicated on being a pastiche personality. You're not a composite of all your influences and experiences, you're not just somebodies boss, you're yourself. 

There are certain times within your lifespan that lend themselves to change, intervals of differences. You meet a stranger in a bar, you get to decide what you might do. Sometimes interventions can be overwhelming, I know a lot of mine are as I'm still at that stage where I'd rather sleepwalk until something happens to wake me up.

I love my career so much. After countless thoughts considering whether or not the photography path is a safe route for my lifestyle and wellbeing, I keep coming to terms with the happiness that it brings me.

The most visible you that is represented to the outside world, is what everybody else will perceive you as. Just know that there are as many opinions of you floating by as there are individuals. There are quite a few things that I think are occupation specific, and one of them in this sphere of young photographers is the dependency of approval - the need to be acknowledged. Needing someone else's tick of approval, hearing someone else's opinion and mistaking it for your own, is one of the most debilitating things you could do on the road to being yourself.

I'm visiting destinations often, I go out at night often, I fall in and out of love far too regularly yet have never been in a relationship, and I fall short of many of the pre-requisites adulthood is 'meant to take on'. I've found my niche as a wedding photographer so boy am I seeing my peers begin to run toward these adult-esque achievements. I for one am loving this disposable life, taking each day one at a time seems like a good run. The certainty of coming-to-age is that if you have to measure it through the money you're making or how many goals you've achieved, then you're more than likely looking at things from an unsubstantial angle.

I'm definitely rambling, but all in all it's a dog eat dog world, so you may as well spend your time on this earth doing your own shit from the get-go without criticising change. All is well, seeya round.

Jackson Grant